Dear Arabella…

I haven’t posted in a while. I have 3 posts on drafts that are half finished and that I just don’t feel like posting. It’s a pretty divisive world out there right now, subjects are easy to come by but having the passion and drive to not only write the post but have something you want people to read, is pretty tough.  I knew I wanted to do something for International Women’s Day but I just couldn’t think what. So I sat down and I wrote this. Hope you all enjoy it and if you don’t well who cares, it wasn’t written for you any way 😉

Dear Arabella,

Today is International Women’s Day. Yeah you’re one and you have no idea what this means but just so you know, to me, you’re already the most inspirational female in my life. Having you set me on a journey to a much better place. So I’m writing you this to tell you why and what I hope for you in the future. Because there is no one person I want to celebrate more than you.  I can already see the qualities that will take you to great  places and hope that sharing my mistakes will shield you a little. 

You made me get my priorities straight. There is nothing like suddenly having this tiny person who is completely reliant on you, to make you realise what’s actually important in life. 

One look at your face was worth every stretch mark, scar and change to my body. I honestly can’t believe we made you. 

You’ve made me one million percent become “one of those mums I swore I wouldn’t be. I one million percent don’t give an F.

Every tiny little progress you make has me in complete awe. You’ve made me appreciate the small and very important things in life that so often pass me by.

Baby spam. So much baby spam. You’re my world and sometimes that world is too good not to share. 

Yeah I do talk about you lot. You’re probably one of biggest topics of conversation and I see no shame in that. You’re my greatest achievement to date. 

Sorry I’m still learning. I don’t know everything and I won’t always get things right. Just know I always have the best intentions at heart and this life is a learning curve for all of us. 

Embrace failure. Don’t be frightened or embarrassed by it. Use it to drive you to a better place. Sometimes you’ve got to reach the very bottom before you find your way back up to the top. 

There is no problem in life that can’t be helped by having a cup of tea with your mum. (Trust me from experience on this one)

Learn to let things go. Moving on can be one of the hardest things you might ever have to do but it will eventually return the greatest rewards. You are the biggest testimount to that. 

Stay fearless. When the stairs you’re so determined climb become mountains keep that motivation and you can reach the top. 

Don’t let any one ever take your kindness for weakness. There is nothing wrong with wanting to live a life where you consider everyone’s feelings. People use this as such an insult these days but snowflakes are beautiful and unique kid, don’t let any one tell you otherwise 😉

Be what ever you want be. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Don’t conform, don’t be stereotyped and never ever let go of your dreams. There is no time limit when it comes to succeeding…mummy’s still working on her goals right now. 

Never lose your voice when it comes to the things you care about. Even if everyone else is sick of hearing it. If you care about it then you talk about it.

Always make friends with every dog you meet 🐶 Dogs are better than people sometimes. It’s okay to admit that. 

Image isn’t everything. If I’m honest I worry a little for you. The pressures of looking good seem bigger than ever these days . I dread to think what pressures there will be for you in the future. Just try not to let it consume you, or obsess over it. Mummy loves a selfie as much as the next person but sometimes there’s more to life than looking good. It took you coming along to make me realise that (it’s either the house, you or mummy that gets to look presentable, I haven’t got my shit together enough for it to be all three) 

Laugh. There is honestly no better sound.

Dance when ever the mood takes you. Don’t grow out of that. You’ve loved music since the moment you were born. Find happiness in your favourite songs. 

Wear what ever you want. Seriously. 

Love whoever you please and don’t be scared to. 

The opinions of strangers on the internet are not worth giving a single second of your time too. Particularly those who are that cowardly they hide behind a fake account. 

I’ve wasted far too much precious time and energy on hate. Don’t do the same. Dislike something for sure but never let it consume you because it doesn’t solve a single thing.

Keep playing with cars and trains. I would be just as happy if you wanted to become a mechanic than I would if you became a nurse. There’s no “jobs for boys” or “girl jobs” just jobs for YOU. 

Embrace the sisterhood. Try not to see other women as competition. “When women support each other, incredible things can happen.” 

There is no need to apologise for supporting the cause of powerful women. It does not for one moment mean you don’t care for the rights of men or hate them. No more than donating to the British Heart Foundation would mean you have no care for  those with cancer. It’s a shame I have to even tell you this, such is the world we live in today.

Be you for you. No one else should tell you otherwise. Know your own mind and follow it to the exact letter.

Read. There’s no better comfort than curling up with a good book.
In all honesty I really don’t care who you’ll vote for, just as long as you vote at all. 

No matter where you go or what you do, I will always be beside you. It’s just important that you be you’re own biggest cheerleader and don’t let anyone take away your love, drive and determination.

Love Mummy ❤


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