Diary of an under achiever…

I know everyone gets wound up with the whole ‘New Year, New Me’ posts. Resolutions that get broken within approximately seven minutes of the clock chiming midnight and diets that last two days before you eat yourself into a cheese coma. It’s all become a bit of a joke or in some cases, I am sure quite rightly, people don’t really feel like they need to work on anything at all. This post however will set unashamedly set out the goals I want to achieve and if I fail you can roll your eyes and laugh at yet another pointless New Year promise 😬

Here’s the thing. I’ve always felt like quite the under achiever and the main factor to blame in all this is my lack of trying. I feel so down on myself that I don’t expect to succeed my goals so use that as an excuse to not bother in the first place. So this isn’t really just about achieving some goals, it’s about improving my mind set to enable me to succeed. I feel like writing this blog and updating regularly on my progress will play a huge part in this. My posts will reflect on both successes and failures which in turn will hopefully keep me driven to not loose sight of want I want to achieve. I know I’m not perfect, chances are I might not even be able to meet some of the aims I set but sharing what I’m doing will increase my confidence to at least try. Finally maybe the audience of the blog post and any comments may feed into any slight narcissistic tendeancies I have. If that doesn’t force a will to succeed then I really don’t know what will. 😉

Some of the goals on my list will be the usual, common kind around this year. Improve health and look after myself better. Drink more water, Stick to a skin care regime, that kind of thing. Don’t worry I won’t turn this blog into a health and fitness one. I wouldn’t trust myself to do that justice but with my confidence really slipping of late and issues with health aniexty, working on a healthy lifestyle has got to be a starting point. I’m not doing any sort of faddy diet, I will be keeping an eye on what I eat and exercising at least five days a week. Will follow some tips from Joe Wicks Lean in 15 books, mainly because the recipes in there are incredible. Being the kind of person who could eat an entire birthday cake to myself…in one sitting, this is going to be an instersting journey and undoubtedly the hardest challenge I will have. 

Some of my goals are more simple but effective. Such as read more books. It’s clear to everyone that knows me that I spend far too much time on my phone. Wasting my hours on social media is effecting my ability to get things done. Arguing with random strangers on the internet about current affairs and politics is seriously effecting my ability to keep a positive out look. So I figure putting the phone down and picking a book up had to be a smart move. Which cleverly leads on to my next point (see I’m getting a hand of this blog writing) 

I want to take this opportunity of not being in a work to learn new skills. One of which will be a second language. At this point I have no idea what direction I want to go in terms or a subject to get in to. So that will be a huge thing to work on to. I haven’t been in a job for a year now and it’s made life a lot harder for our family so this year I would like to concentrate on earning again! My ultimate goal is to work in politics but I understand that’s not an easy career to just fall in too! Job hunting for something that works for me for now is at the top of the agenda! Because at some point this year I would like a wedding to start plan for 😬

This year I want to spend less time procrastinating in the house and more time getting out on adventures with my family. Need to make the most of being National Trust members and enjoy weekends together. It all plays towards that feeling of achieving something with my time. Don’t get me wrong some weekends are made for binging on box sets and that’s perfect but an aim to get out more will surely improve my positivity. The biggest dream is to see the Northern Lights. Hope I can make it happen 🌌

You can fall in a bit of a loneliness rut when you first become a parent. You feel quite fed up and lonely  but the thought of all the hard work it can take just to get out the house with a small person just puts you off making plans. You get caught in a bit of a circle that means you sit at home and feel a bit rubbish. So another part of this theme will be to make more time to meet friends. Both old and new. So 2017 will mean I will get round to that coffee date I promise and never get round to and something I would love, is to meet so many of the wonderful people I’ve come to know through the Labour Party (If your reading this expect a knock on your door anytime between now and December 👀😂) 

I have a baby book for Arabella and further to just the usual info you enter there’s sections on trips and memories. I need to start not only getting that book filled but enjoying every precious second 💜

Right, less talk more action for this one. I’m going to stop getting dragged down on the negativity of the Labour Party and social media. (It’s still toxic out there no matter what any one says) Instead I will start using my drive to get involved where it counts both locally and I hope at some stage this year nationally. It’s basically time to properly put my money where my mouth is and fully commit to being involved and more importantly making a difference.

I actually started helping out at a food bank late on last year and this is something I want to volunteer further with and campaign on. Food banks are so much more than just handing out food and I want to really highlight that. The plan is to focus a whole post on this within the next few weeks. 

Ultimately I would like this blog to play a big part in my 2017. I would love it to be successful but most of all I want to update regularly. Blogging shouldn’t be a chore and I want to write because it’s what I enjoy doing and not because I feel it needs to be done just to tick off a list.

So I don’t want it to look like my blog has lost its way and I will still take great interest and post about politics and current affairs, but I think opening this blog up (particularly after lovely feedback from my post “a mothers mind”) to discuss my own life and what I’m up to seems like a great direction for me to go in. Guess we will have to wait and see if I’m right or not as the feedback comes in. 

So that’s it. My own little goal sheet for this year to work on. I live in hope that readers will push me in the right direction and beat me with a stick when I start to appear like I’m giving up! Despite the great mentors I currently have helping me on this I reckon a few more won’t do me any harm in keeping focused. 

Happy 2017. Whether you’re hankering for change or you’re hoping for more of the same, I wish everyone the best either way 💜


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