The box I ticked.

I have to come out and say something. I don’t think I have ever really felt such anxiety writing anything before and I am a self proclaimed worry wart.

Yesterday I cast my vote for the Labour leadership election and the box I put my X in…was for a Mr Owen Smith. There. I have said it.

I have to be honest. I have been building up the courage to write this all day. I genuinely feel frightened. However I don’t want this to be jumped upon as an argument of all “Corbyn” supporters, they are a baying mob that I am afraid of. Of course I have no doubt that I am in for some abuse, it is unfortunately to be expected in this day and age. At the same time it is worth noting that I have made some fantastic allies on Twitter through my original support of Corbyn. These people are kind, passionate & have made me feel welcome. Not only that but I have actual REAL LIFE FRIENDS (remember those people that you actually have human contact with!) who are strong supporters of Jeremy. Maybe its partly the reason I am writing this piece. I feel I owe them some kind of explanation for my U-Turn. I hope that gives a small insight into the type of person that I am. I don’t like the idea of ‘letting people down’ my decision was not one made easily, quickly or without serious thought. That is what makes it so important.

For those who don’t know me.  I was just two days ago called out as a “Corbyn infiltrator” by the wonderful (!) Daily Express, following my appearance on The Victoria Derbyshire Leadership hustings. so it is safe to say this isn’t some propaganda thought up by the ‘evil powers powers that be’ I was a Corbyn supporter. I was inspired to join the party in part, because I was engaged by the buzz around him. I read The Canary (who actually motivated me to write this blog so fair play), I retweeted the stories of the ‘bias MSM’, I felt hurt by the ‘cult comments’, I was in awe of the numbers at the rallies, I felt outrage at the new member cut off and legal case, I was upset at MPs who appeared to call out the leader rather than the Tories, I felt that I was being forced to forgo my own passions for the sake of others and then…I voted for Owen.

So why?

I have always prided myself on having an open mind. I understand everyone’s right to an opinion. I take people on real individual value. As long as you are not hateful or have a bigoted mind I can accept a differing view. So when people started to approach me as to why I would not vote for Smith I listened. Now that’s a big point in its self. These people didn’t goad me, didn’t force their opinions or tell me I was wrong. They listened to me! The took on board all my feelings, my hurt, my treatment, my individual views on what issues are important for me and they gave some answers. They gave facts, they showed their sources, they understood me and above all they respected the fact that at that moment in time I wanted to vote for Jeremy.

At this point I need to start talking about the people who impacted on my decision making. The biggest one of these is my wonderful fiancé the Father of our perfect little girl. He is stereotypical of the kind of voter we need to win over. He lives in a city that is a real Tory strong hold, a spearhead of the ‘Leave’ campaign, has distrust over labour due to the economy and has no real affinity to any political party. Now he is my biggest sounding board and has to deal with my ranting, raving and tears over all this. So trust me if any one was going to be influenced to Corbyn it would be him. Yet he told me in no uncertain times that he would NOT vote for Labour if Jeremy Corbyn is leader. It turned my head 360. Because it finally made me realise a point, its all fair and well having all these labour members, the Corbyn supporters, the rallies, for these people will ultimately VOTE LABOUR. What are we doing for the ones that won’t?

Now as I said my other half lives with me, so he hears more than just the occasional ‘MSM’ sound bite. Yet he still has 100% no faith in Jeremy. So you can talk MSM plots all you want the sad reality is that this is where the voter we need lies, and if we keep dismissing it we are pushing it away.

Now ‘Tory lites’ and so on. Lets move on to that. Because I guess a few out there will now use that term for me. Well here is the thing. I am retail worker on maternity leave who if I am honest struggles to make ends meet each month. I come from a Northern Irish family who left the troubles behind in the hope we could have a better life. I have worked in retail all my life. I went to a generic secondary school. I failed my law degree at an average university. The Tory cuts have hit my family hard. As lower end earners but WORKERS we are entitled to nothing. We privately rent, we can’t afford to buy. If this makes me a Tory then I think the goal posts must of moved for the right wing.

I have looked very closely at Owen Smith’s voting record and I can’t find a single thing wrong. Trident is a tough one for me but it’s a really sad reflection of the world we live in at the minute. I had the same feeling as every one else that Owen was just a ‘Tory lite’, but this opinion came from nothing other than other peoples Twitter opinions. Then I was told to watch this video.

I was blown away by it.  It takes the Tories to task and lets be honest I enjoy nothing more then seeing Stephen Crabb’s smirk wiped off his face, If people are calling this guy out as a Tory then I wonder if this ‘Tory’ insult being banded about has lost its meaning.

Every day I would look at Twitter and I would see less policies more propaganda. Less about potential voters, more about Current members. Now again don’t get me wrong I stood up on national TV as a voice for new members and I support that but do I think this should take focus over potential voters? Sorry I do not.

I hear the word democracy a lot. It seems to be at the very heart of the Corbyn campaign, he is the ELECTED Leader, we ELECTED him. Yet in the same breath it will then move on to the de selection of labour MPs who the local electorate ELECTED. Are we saying the Labour members democracy is worth more than the Labour voter? Are we saying we will win over Labour voters by deselecting the labour MP they voted for in the first place? Is this stupidity on my part?

Kinder politics. We all Know a thing or too about that. I think sadly it states volumes of the current state of this party when at the hustings I attended we spent so much time discussing the conduct and treatment of each other within the Labour party, that we actually ran out of time to have frank discussions on policy. How is this still going on? How is this toxic atmosphere still felt? I cant help to look at our current leader for this. How can I trust him to improve it, if elected, if the issue is so potent whilst he is the leader? Before I get the ‘well the abuse is both sides, Jeremy gets a lot of abuse response’. Let me remind you once again who I am and my background of an open Corbyn supporter who stood up on television. I have had more than my fair share of extreme abuse, bringing my 6 month old daughter in to and pushing me to tears and wondering if I should just quit it all. Do you know what doesn’t dry those tears…people telling me it’s not just me receiving it. You know what doesn’t stop the abuse? Using the fact that it’s so common as an excuse.

You can have a differing point of view but when you start mocking people who genuinely have a fear for their safety I start to wonder what I belong to.

I thought we weren’t the nasty ones. I thought we didn’t turn nasty at people for their views. Well you can’t call for peoples heads because they disagree with you, whilst pro claiming anger that people are calling you out for being different to them.

Khan, Jess Phillips, Thangham Debbonaire. I don’t want to be involved in that level of abuse, nor do I think we should see any of them as fair game.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record I stood up for new members but I have listened to old ones. I am seeing why they feel so passionate. Imaging spending your years giving all you free time knocking doors for the party you love, then the next minute you are being called a ‘Blairaite’ traitor who should ‘f**k off’ to the Tory party. Is that really what we think of people who just feel they want a different leader? They feel let down after the blood sweat & tears they have poured in.

I may have felt that at one point. These people were traitors but then you have to think that’s 172 MPs. One hundred and seventy two. You only have to spend time looking at their voting records to be sure they are not all closet Tories.

What I really feel like yelling at the minute when asked what side I am on is LABOUR!Only these past few weeks I feel it has become more about one man than one whole party. We are more than just that surely? A lot of these high profile pro JC accounts at the minute didn’t even support Jeremy the first time. Take a look into their history and they abused and smeared him. I feel this isn’t about the party any more and that is not what I joined for. I am big enough to admit that whilst I respect and admire Jeremy this is so much more than him. Yet every day it is all I hear, no policies, no talk of the party. Just us and them. Are we not all on the same team really? Do we not have more in common?

When I was so vividly upset about not feeling welcome in the party. Do you know which ‘camp’ got in touch with me? Asked me how I was. Discussed me at their meeting? It was Owen Smith’s. To me, a person crying out to be accepted, it meant the world. Today for the first time in weeks I have had a smile on my face. I am involved, I have people who encourage me to be an active member and welcome me to play what I hope will be a huge part in the future. It is all I ever wanted.

We are sadly living in a more right wing than ever country.  It breaks my heart. I don’t want to push people further that way. All I can see is that we will.

I worry this is a fad. That it is a trend to some people (not all please don’t think that) but when it is all said and done and the hard graft comes in these people won’t be there knocking on the doors to get the voters and it will all be in vain.

You can’t just sit back and wait for the change to happen. People are more aware than ever, you have to bring it to them, you have to get involved and make that change. You need a plan. I have not seen any plans. Just the same old theories. We won’t win any one over with that.

I have seen worse division within the same party then I did through any of the EU debate. How can we pull together a country when we are not being lead to pull together a party? People who were friends for years now don’t talk, people who support the exact same causes abuse one and other. How is this setting any kind of standard of a party for all?

The big problem in the referendum was people rested on their laurels. They assumed votes were safe and they didn’t take the real fight to the voters that mattered. It should of been a sure fire slam dunk vote. Only when the questions were asked, only one side took the stance to bring the facts to me.

I don’t want to lose people over this. I won’t judge or think different because of where your heart lies.  We are all Labour aren’t we? Lets focus on that. For me the only way I can focus on the party is to go with Smith.

Be kind and thanks for reading.



51 thoughts on “The box I ticked.

  1. I remember you from the TV debate and I loved how strongly you put your point across. This piece has made me cry I am a member for 26 years and your blog sums up how I feel. I don’t like what we are doing to each other and have never known it like this. I wish yo well for you and your family and please get fully involved locally. I can see you doing very well in politics

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  2. So proud of you, Laura. It takes a really big person to challenge their own beliefs the way you did and to put aside the jibes you’ve had from some Smith supporters to look at what voting for either candidate actually means for you, your family and the nation as a whole.

    You should be really proud of yourself. Not because you voted for Owen but because you challenged your own bias when so many around you wanted to strengthen it.

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  3. Well said, Laura. A truly courageous piece to write about your journey to where you are now. Leaving what is essentially a cult is a hard thing to do, and it will shake the shallow certainties of those still caught up in it. They will eventually reach the same conclusion as you did. Keep strong


  4. We are a labour family wo support each other: to be labour is not aggressive, is not about exclusion but inclusivity, we are internationalists and we are a party of government. Well done sweetie for being prepared to speak up.

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      • I watched the vid, and I noticed OS doesn’t have that authentic passion that JC does, he doesn’t inspire like JC does. Another point that’s missing is I don’t see OS inspiring people to attend his rallies whether these are labour voters or potential labou voters is irrelevant, if he can’t even do that how his he going to inspire people to vote labour. And then you have the hustling that we know are labour members and it is clear that the majority support JC as well as the majority of CLP. And the there’s the point of natural justice and when we look at the blantent obstacles that have been used to firstly purge JC from even taking place in the leadership as well as the totally unbalance and unfair way in wihich they are now purging JC supporters for minor spats on SM yet not even mentioning spats from OS supporters, even down to train gate and whatever your views on that are, msm chose to use that as their main headline on the same day that the tories announced they ARE going to abolish the HRA and we mustn’t see this as orchorstrated by OS side? Do you real believe anything will chsnge for working class people under OS leadership, it won’t, it will be business as normal, is that what you really want for your child’s future. X

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      • Thank you for your comment but I don’t wish to partake in any conversations that questions my ability in regards to my child’s future. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. Appreciated. x


  5. You cover a lot of important points here and demonstrate significant maturity, thought and courage. Sadly, you will get abuse from the Corbynistas who support their anointed one not Labour.
    Do keep working with your local Labour party as they will need your voice even more in the future.

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    • How can you take the high stance when you are straight away doing exactly what the author in this article is talking about? mocking other people who think different then you? instantly your attacking other members,

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    • anoint
      verb [ T ] UK ​ /əˈnɔɪnt/ US ​ /əˈnɔɪnt/

      1. to make someone holy in a religious ceremony by putting holy water or oil on them
      ​2. to make someone king or queen, especially as part of a religious ceremony

      jeremy Corbyn wasn’t anointed but elected by 59.5% of voters who cast their ballot during the last Labour leadership vote and polls suggest, he’ll be elected again, winning across every section of the party electorate, whether it be full members, registered supporters or union affiliates. So, regardless of your stance, suggesting Corbyn was the “anointed one” is disingenuous.

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  6. Everyone likes a preferential treatment, but would this mean changing her/his own beliefs? I am not sure that it is about politics, more like about challenges of the early days of motherhood. With regards to the 172 Labour MPs – I didn’t vote Labour, but their party put them forward at the first place and they were using the party resources to be elected, so, if they are absolutely sure that their electorate will be with them no matter what they can stand as independent and prove their point. Nobody’s perfect and I remember the lady Labour MP who didn’t hesitate to laugh at the party leader’s expense on the BBC1 satirical program months before the resignations started, but she didn’t like the similar treatment herself.

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    • Thank you for response. I haven’t in any sense of the word done this for preferential treatment. I have been very supported by the Corbyn camp so no bad feeling from me there. It’s just a choice of in my own view a better chance at moving in a direction where this toxic atmosphere is removed. It’s just my personal opinion drawn upon my own experience as a member.
      I have never stated any one is perfect I just don’t think abuse should be accepted on the point that others do it/receive it. That’s all.
      Thanks again.


    • A. Other: I am sorry you feel that the carefully thought through statements in Laura’s piece could be mistaken for ‘the challenges of the early days of motherhood’ – I and many others have found new motherhood to bring clarity and intensity of prioritisation, not just ‘baby head’.
      Yes indeed, you are right that the 172 Labour MPs fought with the backing of the LP and on the party’s manifesto BUT the electorate voted them into office – the party gave them the opportunity to serve and they fought with their comrades to win the chance to serve their constituents.
      Whatever side of this internecine battle I stand on, I would support the young woman who has stated her case with honesty and integrity.

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  7. Great post Laura 🙂 I also had great difficulty with voting this time around. After much thought, my X’ went into the Jeremy box, but I totally respect and understand your decision. We are all Labour, and we do have more in common. I’ve followed you on Twitter for only a short while now, but I have to admit, I really look forward to reading your tweets and your point of view #stalker 🙂 Hope you’re well xx


    • It’s comments like this that just make it all worth it. Thank you so much for sharing it with me. I don’t want to but any more to the us & then argument. I have my reasons I felt I should explain & now I just want to concentrate on the party. It doesn’t change my feeling to people such as yourself & I look forward to a Twitter friendship between two LABOUR MEMBERS because that’s essentially what we are. Xx

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  8. This is a really great post,i enjoyed reading it. I support Corbyn for the leader but i am certainly happy to hear other people’s views and i don’t get involved in the name calling. At the end of the day we (and others) can disagree but still be kind, polite and friendly. I totally agree with you in that the side i’m on is Labour! I think there are a minority in the party that are giving us all a bad name (from both Corbyn and Smith supporters) – its a real shame, i think we could do so much better as a party.
    I went to local Corbyn rally this week and it was really good. He spoke a lot about policies, not just rhetoric. He has my vote but whoever wins, i will be in support of them and hope we can all just get on with the job of opposing the Tories!

    Charlene 😁

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    • Charlene thank you. I’ve said already comments like yours mean I’ve managed to convey my thoughts exactly how I wanted to. I look forward to serving in a party with people like you by my side. Biggest thanks for taking the time not only to read my thoughts but pass on your thoughts on them. Xx

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  9. In the end we have more in common than what divides us – a care for others, wanting to help those who need help… but Laura, how do you feel about people being denied a vote now, some Labour members for decades, for a tweet link or a facebook post? The fact that this is happening makes it harder for me to listen to Owen Smith. It seems the game is rigged, and not by the Corbyn supporters.


    • Hi. Sorry I’m trying my best to answer everything but I have had a lot of response & I’m juggling writing with looking after a teething baby! Not fun.
      I don’t like to make full comments on individuals as I have no privy to full facts.
      I guess my view is its not Owen smith banning these guys himself. There are actually 2 vetting pannels with s mixture of JC & OS supporters with the decision only being made by a majority.
      Do I think people who have made quite clear statements regarding supporting a party over labour should be held to account yes I do. Do I feel that people should be penalised for just a casual tweet in support of say a policy no I don’t. But I support their right to appeal & overturn that decision.
      It’s sad these rules have to be in place but at the minute I feel they have to be. Remember you’re talking to a new member who had her vote ‘taken away’ so I know the feeling.
      I think you have to be careful when you say it was taken away just because of a tweet or post. I’ve seen some very sick abuse this past month, social media can be an awful tool. So it should be monitored. It’s just my view.
      I will look with interest as more info comes out regarding this.
      Thanks for question. Sorry if it’s not clear…typing with one hand on a iPhone with a baby in the other is no mean feat! 🙂

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    • Hello. Thank you for your question. I have said that I have said my piece & want to just concentrate on the party now leaving others to decide as they wish.
      However as you are asking a question in terms of my accordance of something I feel I should respond.
      Can I firstly say my wonderful mother in law is registered disabled & therefore effected by recent cuts. So this isn’t just an area im not effected by or have no care for.
      Before making my decision I checked Owens voting record. Via they vote for you. I was happy with how often he voted against cuts. I couldn’t see any pattern of consistently voting in such way that the poorest or must vulnerable would be punished. I would list all these votes but I’m concerned for time when I’m busy looking after my daughter.
      I understand a lot of people talk about people going against Jeremy & that’s a poor show as he is the leader & should be followed. I have it on the understating that rightly or wrongly it was the party line to abstain at that time. Which Owen did at the second reading before voting AGAINST the bill at its third reading.
      Can I ask if you actually watched the link in my blog. As I felt he was standing up for us against the Tories there? Maybe I’m incorrect but that’s how I interpreted him standing there calling Crabb & Osborne out.

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  10. Thank you so much for taking the time to record your thoughts and feelings. I think it’s so important for people to be able to articulate why they are swayed more by one candidate than another, even if this changes over time (we’re humans, change is normal and beautiful and enriching!) I’m really interested to listen to all views, especially those people that initially supported Corbyn but lost confidence in him, or people who consider themselves on ‘the left’ but feel lukewarm about Corbyn, such as some of my own family, as well as some who spoke at our CLP nomination (to be transparent, I do not feel the same way). Obviously, this has been an uncomfortable and anxious experience to express your feelings, which is a huge shame, and this atmosphere of fear and blame is something that should be fought against. (Also, to the silly person above who dismisses this as emotional early motherhood: your sexism is really offending!! Please refrain from using a woman’s experiences as a mother or non-mother to score political points!) However, I am dismayed by the fact that this article invariably contributes to that atmosphere by seeking to lay the blame of the animosity in the party at the feet of Corbyn supporters by portraying the majority of them as abusive and aggressive. As I see day in and day out, and as we saw in our own CLP meeting a few weeks ago, this is far from the truth. I’m truly sorry if you have witnessed this and that it seems to have shifted your feelings. I just hope that you can also come to see that this is not representative of the movement. So I say yes to open, respectful dialogue, yes to wearing your affection for Corbyn or Owen on your sleeve and being passionate about your beliefs. But no to perpetuating the dominant, offensive and divisive narrative about Corbynistas as a gang of potential abusers, frothing at the mouth and waiting to pounce on their next prey. Please, no more of this… In any case, regardless of the outcome of the leadership election, I stand with open arms to continue to build a movement in this country in which a ‘kinder politics’ is not just an empty slogan, but an avenue for real social justice.

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    • I’m not sure if you misread me but that wasn’t what I said. And I clearly stated that at the start of this piece that my fear isn’t because of “Corbynistas”
      I received serious abuse from a faction
      Of the smith camp? I stated that I wanted to be with the people who reached out on working against the abuse. Personally for me this was in my case Owen smiths side.
      Even when supporting Corbyn i Called out any abuse to people such as Jess Phillips so I know this isn’t the case.
      I’ve openly given nothing but good wishes to my fellow Corbyn friends & my sway to vote the other way does not change that.
      Sorry if I can’t put this more clearly but tough with a crying baby on my lap & it was important you knew I felt you had the right to here from me.
      Thanks x

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  11. A good article and I remember being impressed with you on TV and talking about you at work . Its great to see people getting passionate about politics who had quite rightly turned off previously . I see the recent inspiration as recognition of meaningful ideas and a style that demands a more authentic type of politics that challenges the consensus . Its not for me about hero worship though we still have to ask ourselves who can best deliver on the promise of this type of change. It’s already changing the Labour Party which for me is long overdue and proof of the disenchantment of people with new labour , quite rightly perceived as cynical and undemocratic. I’m personally sticking with Jeremy’s team , for now, they are the ones I trust most. I respect your choice too as it comes from a similar place . Stay honest and best wishes .

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  12. So you say you want Smith because he can reach out to swing Tory voters. But remember he is gunning for a 2nd referendum. So there is nothing that is going to turn off those Tory and UKIP potential voters more than ignoring democracy and belittling their desire to leave the EU.

    In fact it seems most of your decision here is not based on policy or vision but more about feelings and social actions on twitter.
    If I was you and had suddenly of had such a big change of views, then I really would not of acted on it so quickly and voted straight away, but would of held off for another week or so to really search your feelings and make sure this is not just some temporary mind change.


    • The piece is written around my feelings. It doesn’t cover the great deal of reading & research I did before getting there.
      I would not of bothered to do this had I not had the feelings to listen to others.
      I personally think that everyone should have a chance to have a referendum on the terms on leaving the UK. Surely it is democracy that the people get to vote on the terms.
      I didn’t want this to be a post that was an opinion piece on why people SHOULD vote for Owen more a reflection of my journey to get there.
      Also more of a point that there should be more focus on a united party than a pigeon hole of each camp.
      Respect your opinion in terms of your last point. This wasn’t a snap decision in my eyes though but can see why you would say that.
      Thanks for reading.


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  14. Laura,
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts it made for an interesting read. I disagree with your conclusion in that I continue to support the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn, but I respect your right and reasoning for doing otherwise. Despite what is assumed of ‘Corbynistas’, I do not do abuse. in fact, I think those who do have lost the argument no matter which camp they’re from. That’s not to say I don’t have strong views, I do, and I am not adverse to voicing them. I do that in my own blog though and you’re most welcome to read my thoughts there. I hope, when this farce is over, when we have (again) decided who will lead the Labour Party, you and I can be on the same side again. Best wishes, Andy

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    • Thank you Andy.
      I’ve spent a great deal of my time in excellent ‘Corbynista’ company & I still will. Equally had some good awful abuse from the Smith ‘side’ too. I agree that it feels a little bit like we have lost sight of our purpose in the party. I would love to read your blog if you wouldn’t mind sharing with me?
      I already feel we are on the same side. The respectful members who can openly discuss a difference of opinion in a rational non abusive way. No matter what the result I just hope it’s people like you & me who are the real winners & work together to get back on track! Roll on the end of September. 🙂


  15. What a huge pile of shit. You were promised a fast track up the political ladder by certain ‘friends’ within thr party. Don’t pretend otherwise, you were bought. Sad


  16. Well done Laura for expressing your opinions in a respectful way. Always the way to do it. However, I am very sad about your decision as I think it is wrong. I’m not sure that anything I can say will make much difference to that. However, I do wish to respond about the abuse that people who support Jeremy Corbyn have received. I know you haven’t perpetuated that, but some of the comments on here have, by talking about a cult and the ‘annointed’ one. It couldn’t actually be further from the truth. The whole thing with JC and the reason why so many support him is because it’s NOT about him. Everything he does is about giving a voice to others, whether it’s party members or the country at large – look at PMQ’s, where he has been the only party leader to EVER ask questions posed by people out there in the community. But besides being called cult followers we have been labelled Nazi Stormtroopers, dogs, Trotyskyists, mysogynists, anti-semites, a mob, executioners and lots of other very unpleasant names. As someone who joined Labour as a teenager (I’m 60 now), I feel deeply hurt that we have been treated in this way. And now we have had the shocking lack of respect for party democracy by people who have gone on the media to criticise JC from the day he was elected, who tried to bully him into resigning, who have tried to keep him off the ballot, who have tried to prevent people from voting for him by randomly changing the rules, charging people excessive amounts of money to vote, and now purging people for innocent tweets or fb posts (and I don’t mean the really nasty people on both sides who deserve to be got rid of, but that has been used as a cover for what is clearly a purge of JC supporters). I have heard JC condemning abuse many times, but I have not heard a single one of his critics, including Owen Smith, Jess Phillips, Angela Eagle, Johanna Baxter and the others who have been loudest in their criticism, condemn this behaviour. I’m afraid if this is what the Labour Party is to become by going the ‘Progress’ way, then give me Momentum any day. I wish you luck, and I do hope you will revisit your decision to support OS, Apart from anything else, I know as someone who was loyal to Labour throughout period of Blairite control, in spite of my massive reservations, that people are not going to vote for that kind of Labour Party again, And finally I suggest that you ask yourself why the right wing of the party is supporting someone who supposedly has the same left wing views as JC? If you think about it it makes no sense at all unless they are planning something else should he happen to win.

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  17. Hi Laura,

    I know your mum :). I didn’t realise you’d gone for Owen as I saw you heading toward Jeremy’s side on the Vic Derbyshire hustings show but fair play to you for going with your heart. I’m sorry some people have been d*ckheads about it. Some people would start an argument in an empty room.

    I stuck with JC myself but try extremely hard to remain friends with all even if they’re Tories :(. We’re all in Labour together so onwards and upwards :).

    Hope your baby is doing well; she’s beautiful 🙂 xxx


    • What a small world! Thank you for your comments. I am just concentrating on working with the party now so onwards & upwards!
      It’s nice to know people don’t have to take differing views so personally. If everyone thought the same life would be so boring.
      She’s very well thank you so much! Lovely to hear from you xx

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